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Ford Escape for Sale

Need to make an escape from the mundane automobiles you may have driven? Whether you’ve owned a Ford vehicle or not, there’s no denying the impact that Ford has had on the automotive market since its inception over one hundred years ago. Ford vehicles are safe and well-built pieces of machinery proudly wearing the blue oval badging––a symbol emanating quality. Ford has vehicles for everyone, from work trucks like the F-150 to perfect family vehicles like the Escape. If you’re interested in looking for a Ford Escape for sale, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve come to the right place. We’re The Faricy Boys Automotive, and our dealership believes in what the modern-day dealership experience should be: hassle-free and getting to business.

When shopping for a Ford Escape, the experience better be handled with the same level of care as the engineering behind the SUV you’re purchasing. At The Faricy Boys Automotive, your experience will be tailor-made for you because you’re the guest, and it’s our job to provide you with a service justifying your decision to choose our dealership to shop at amongst the competition. You’ve chosen the right dealership for a multitude of reasons. Our prices compete with the best you’ll find in the greater area of Salida, CO. The service you’ll get will remind you that shopping at a dealership can be a fun experience, not a stressful one.

A red 2023 Ford Escape is shown parked in a driveway.

A Quick Look at the Escape

The Ford Escape hit the market at the turn of the century. Released for the 2001 model year, the Ford Escape brought a new kind of compact SUV experience. Fuel efficiency, performance, safety, and more, were all highlights of the Escape and still are today. The Ford Escape is a Ford vehicle throughout, with the interior, exterior, and performance offering a high level of quality. Ford vehicles like the Escape serve a crucial purpose in Ford’s lineup, and the Escape stems from a time when SUVs were popular but were still in the process of becoming the behemoths of the market they now are.

The Ford Escape launched in 2000, and since its inception in the market in the new century, it has received four generation leaps. The first-generation Escape was on the market for seven years before being replaced with the second-generation Escape––the 2008 model. The Escape and its hybrid variant remained popular for years, and upon the release of the third-generation Escape model in 2013, the Escape had a new look––one strikingly familiar to the Escape models we have today. Comparatively, what visually separates Escape models from the third generation onwards and those before it is a rounded-off roof, and the shape of the vehicle has a generally smoother appearance than the more boxy-style design of the original.

With the release of the fourth generation Escape for the 2020 model year, the grille was further rounded off and featured a new grid-looking design. Designs aren’t all that has changed throughout the Escape generations. The 2020 Escape was the first model of the fourth generation, and the 2019 Escape, the last model of the third generation, performed differently, thanks to a new array of powertrains seen on the former. Aside from being more performant, the fourth-generation Escape models are more fuel-efficient. The fourth-generation Escape also saw the first Escape PHEV, which officially ushered the Escape into plug-in electric vehicles.

A blue 2023 Ford Escape is shown towing a boat.

The 2023 Ford Escape

The 2023 Ford Escape keeps what made the rest of the fourth-generation Escape lineup such a sight to behold but adds a few upgrades. For example, the 2023 Ford Escape has two available infotainment centers like its predecessors. However, while the 2022 model came standard with a 4.2-inch screen and had an eight-inch screen available, the 2023 model has an eight-inch screen standard and a 13.2-inch screen available.

The 13.2-inch screen is the way to go because not only will you have extra screen real-estate for your apps to function, but the larger screen means integrated features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are easier to use. Any vehicle released in 2023 should have connectivity features, and like the rest of Ford’s lineup, the 2023 Escape exceeds expectations with flying colors. If there’s one thing that Ford knows, it's customer satisfaction, and the 2023 Escape is proof.

The 2023 Ford Escape is the same size as its immediate predecessors. With the backseats kept upright, the Escape has 37.5 cu.ft. of space you can utilize. Folding down the back seats will widen the cargo room significantly to 65.4 cu.ft. Powering the 2023 Ford Escape is one of two turbocharged engines: a 1.5L I-3 or a 2.0L I-4. Both powertrain configurations come paired with a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission. With the base model, the turbocharged 1.5L I-3 engine produces 181 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque and achieves a towing rating of 2,000 lbs. The turbocharged 2.0L I-4 engine outputs 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque with a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs.

A Ford Escape for sale, a blue 2023 Ford Escape is shown from the side.

Why You Should Get Your Escape at The Faricy Boys Automotive

Why should you choose The Faricy Boys Automotive as your dealership of choice? We’re your dealership of choice because we believe the customer’s experience should come first. Our customers agree that by shopping at The Faricy Boys Automotive, you’re a welcomed member of our community. No matter what you’re here for––sales, repairs, and so on––you’ll find our prices are the best in the greater area of Salida, Colorado. We’re a shop of friendly faces, so don’t be shy!

Our sales associates keep themselves up to date on what you’ll find on our dealership lot and what you can look forward to in the ever-changing world of the automotive industry. This customer-first approach has proven successful and earned us the trust of many Salida drivers. People come for the Ford vehicles and stay for the high-quality service, and if you’re in the market for a loan or lease to even out your purchase through monthly payments, you’re in luck because our on-site finance center is here for such an occasion. The Faricy Boys Automotive is the place to purchase your Ford Escape because we make it easy to get what you want at competitive prices.

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